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Tevano Systems Holding Inc., through its operating subsidiaries, is a technology company with custom and proprietary hardware and software technologies. Its subsidiary, Illuria Security, Inc. is an early-stage software development company whose technology involves active cyber deception to protect critical network systems of enterprise systems of all sizes. Using deception technology, Illuria's software seeks to solve the challenge of cyber-attacks by detecting threats, systematically deceiving attackers, and actively deterring attacks. Its subsidiary Tevano Systems Inc. is the developer of Health Shield™, an AI-driven, electronic tablet that video displays a user with their body temperature and other information. It provides detailed reports of all scans done throughout an enterprise.

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Developing custom and proprietary hardware and software solutions to tackle real-world challenges


illuria provides an innovative active defense technology that enables organizations to accelerate time to detection and response towards attacks with holistic visibility and actionable threat intelligence. illuria's ProfilerX platform utilizes "decoys & lures" to break the attacker's decision cycle, forcing them to reveal themselves by accurately detecting, systematically deceiving, and actively deterring attacks.


Health Shield™, is an innovative, AI-driven, electronic device that provides instant body temperature scanning and notifies users if they need to wear a face mask. Health Shield™ devices can be placed at all entrances that patrons and/or employees use to gain access to buildings. The Health Shield™ device is supported by a cloud software solution that can be used to manage multiple devices and provide detailed reporting and analysis.


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